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ziam ficathon

ziam ficathon!
because i'm impatient when it comes to waiting for new ziam fic and i know you are too!

1. obviously, prompts should be liam/zayn centric.
2. prompts must include a genre/verse, a brief summary of what you want (or even something as simple as a song lyric) and a list of triggers/warnings.
3. i certainly hope i don't have to tell any of you not to link anything in this thread to people affiliated with one direction.

prompts (updated 7/24/12)
because i'm ridiculously anal retentive, i created a delicious account sorted by genre for all the prompts that haven't been filled yet.

fills will be rounded up here with help from the lovely mentalistecbm
1. clothes sharing (red jumper)
2. fill one and fill two - Zayn as the famous musician and Liam as a blushing fanboy.
3. Nobody Said It Was Easy - unrequited or just straight up complicated ziam fic years after zayn leaves.
4. Panic and Patch Me Up - high school au
5. in a dream - 'In these dreams it's always you: the boy in the sweatshirt, the boy on the bridge, the boy who always keeps me from jumping off the bridge.'
6. based off bad religion by frank ocean
7. love actually au (mini fill)
8. breath of fresh air - hogwarts au.
9. just outrun the demons - "I just wanted you to fuck me, but then I got greedy and I wanted you to love me."
10. fill one and fill two - inspired by forrest gump by frank ocean
11. Do Things to Me - peazer walks in on zayn and liam.
12. my fingertips, and my lips they burn - inspired by diplomat's son by vampire weekend
13. everything will fall right into place - liam is a piano prodigy and zayn sneaks in to all of liam's recitals just to watch him play.
14. Just A Bit Of Luck - paralyzed!zayn
15. i'm gonna take you, take you higher - pwp
16. girl!zayn/liam - she's the girl his mother warned him about.
17. And in time I know that we'll both see - the office!au where zayn and liam have a season two!jim/pam relationship
18. do you know how it ends? - based off of wishbone by richard siken
19. batman!au (WIP)
20. zayn gets a new tattoo.
21. people say goodbye in their own special way - last time!sex
22. high school au - first time
23. these sheets are empty, waiting for you - ziam's relationship through niall's pov
24. me and you will never be the same - high school!au based on the song 'forrest gump' by frank ocean
25. Something In The Air - shotgunning fic
26. such a big mistake (lying here in your warm embrace) - the 5 times zayn couldn't sleep and snuck into liam's bed
27. to liam, zayn was everything. - possessive!zayn

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